Air Traffic Control

Naviair has been designated by the Danish Transport and Construction Agency to provide aviation infrastructure and is therefore an important player in society. Naviair’s core activity is air navigation services. Naviair has activities both in Danish airspace and North Atlantic airspace. The activities cover four areas: En route – Denmark, En route – Greenland, Local Air Traffic Services and Other areas of activity. Expressed in terms of revenue, En route – Denmark is the biggest area of activity.

Via the menu to the left, you will find some basic information about the Danish airspace and the different kinds of Air Traffic Controllers in Denmark.

Furthermore there is som information about the Area Control Center and the Control Tower in Copenhagen, Kastrup.

If you lack information about a certain topic, contact Naviair's press officer at +45 3247 7907 or

If you want to be an Air Traffic Controller:

> Visit for more information (in Danish).