Kastrup Tower

- The best view in Denmark

A large portion of the aircraft that operate in Danish airspace choose to land at Copenhagen Airport. These aircraft are in contact not only with the Naviair control center but also receives help with landing and take-off from the controllers in the Naviair tower.

When Naviair’s new air traffic management system comes into operation, it will not only be the opening of a new control center but also of a completely new control tower, looming 70 meters above the airport southeast of the runways. From the top part of the tower (the cab) the controllers have a 360-degree view of the entire airport area that covers 12 square kilometers from Kastrup in the north to Dragør in the south.


• 70 meters above ground
• 74 meters above sea level
• There are 422 steps on the stairways
Tower cab
• Weight: 400 tons
• Area: 229 square meters
• 600 square meters of double-pane glass in 200 different sizes
• The cab rests on a reinforced concrete pad 1 meter thick
• 5000 tons of steel movable frame
• 265 tons of reinforcing rods
• 175 tons of structural steel
• 5000 meters of piping for heat, water, sanitary and sprinklers
• 80,000 meters of cables and wiring
Fire protection
• The tower is monitored by 278 fire detectors
• Inert gas in cable runs and equipment spaces
• Sprinklers and inert gas in the cab
• 90,000 liter water reservoir in the basement