A6 Alliance

The A6 Alliance is a coalition of the largest ANSPs in Europe. COOPANS is a member of the alliance.

The A6 Alliance works with SESAR and is a part of both SESAR Joint Undertaking, which works on the development of new systems and procedures for modernising the European ATM system, and SESAR Deployment Manager, which works on the implementation of the new systems and procedures in Europe. Through COOPANS, Naviair participates in the A6 collaboration in order to ensure we have influence at European level. COOPANS as a whole is the same size as the biggest ATM companies in Europe and therefore has the same weight when topics are under discussion. Without the A6 collaboration the power we could wield in our dealings with the aviation industry and other players in SESAR would have been limited.

The members of A6 are responsible for more than 80 per cent of European airspace and more than 70 per cent of investments in the future European ATM infrastructure.

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