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Sustainability in generel

In Naviair’s separate Sustainability Report 2022 (only in Danish), we report on how we worked on our non-financial business goals in 2022 and how we performed during the year. For an in-depth, quantified description of our performance in 2022, learn more at

> Sustainability Report 2022 (in Danish) 

Our contribution to Aviation

It is Naviair´s goal that, through our services, we give our customers the best environmental choice without compromising on safety.

Naviair actively contributes to a sustainable transformation of aviation by taking responsibility for reducing CO2 emissions in the aviation industry. Naviair collaborates with aviation players, researchers and sister organizations on sustainable aviation in Denmark.

In the environmental area, Naviair has maintained its second place among Eurocontrol's 41 member countries in terms of how close the actual route flown by an aircraft is to the most direct – and thus the most optimal – route through Danish airspace. In 2022, 98.77 percent of all flights in Danish airspace took the most direct route. The 98.86 percent target of all flights taking the most direct route with no detours has therefore not been met. Naviair´s sustainability work includes several initiatives in addition to direct routing.

Our direct CO2 emissions

In 2022, Naviair has implemented and planned new initiatives with a view to meeting long-term goals up to 2026 and the goal of being a CO2-neutral company as early as 2030. A concrete plan to reduce Naviairs direct CO2 emissions by 70 percent by 2030 compared to 2015.

UN's global goals

Naviair has organized the sustainability work within the UN's 17 global goals for a more economic, social, environmentally sound and sustainable world.

Naviair is based on the Danish government's action plan and has organized its work in 3 tracks under the leadership of Naviair's Sustainability committee:

Our life

Our Planet

Our society

Corporate social responsibility

Naviair does not yet have an independent policy to increase diversity.

However, Naviair will start preparations for such a policy in 2023, since the company is undergoing a generational shift and diversity is now a natural part of the picture. Not only that, we are working in various ways on diversity initiatives for our employees in the organisation, Naviair also operates within a highly specialised technical and operational environment. Therefore, training and certification in the special competencies needed is managed through Naviair's internal training courses in order to maintain flight safety in Danish, Faroese and Greenlandic airspace.

 You can read more about Naviair and the climate on the Danish part of our website (and sorry, only available in Danish)

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