NUAC: Nordic Unified Air traffic Control

September 2019

NUAC HB  was a joint subsidiary owned by Danish Naviair and Swedish LFV  ANSPs. Established in 2009, operative from 2012 and then liquidated as a legal company by 31 August 2019. 

"The European focus is less on Functional Airspace Blocks and more on other technical and operational alliances. Thats why Naviair and LFV has taken this mutual decision winding up the NUAC company and develop a new platform for our close and continued cooperation", expressed the Naviair CEO in February 2019.  



From 2012 the company was certified as an ATS-provider by the authorities and operated the three ATCCs in Copenhagen, Malmoe and Stockholm as an integrated provider on behalf of Naviair and LFV as designated providers and equally owners. 

NUAC was established 2009 as the first – and still the only - integrated operating company in Europe that was responsible for En route ATM in a joint Functional Airspace Block – the DK-SE FAB.
Naviair and LFV, as designated ANSPs (Air Navigation Service Providers), contributes each to the national En route cost-base in Denmark and Sweden.
Cost-efficiency improvements that arise as a consequence of NUAC deliverables will have effect on Naviair and LFV contribution to the national cost-base. NUAC is constantly working on developing and implementing efficiency measures and improvements.

NUAC HB was a lean and efficient organisation with only app 13 persons directly employed. All other full and halftime employees at the ATCCs - which actually counts approximately 750 employees -  is on secondment from Naviair and LFV. The ATCCs facilities and all other equipment remained Naviair’s and LFV’s property.


As the first integrated Air Trafic Service Provider to deliver ATS to a FAB in 2012, NUAC company  created substantial synergies – all for the benefit of our airline customers, passengers, environment and the Danish and Swedish society.  En route operations increased  app 12%  from 2012 to 2018 and were handled with high flight safety and for +99% with no delays in DK-SE FAB. 


Timeline NUAC HB

• 2006-2010:     Design-, development and implementation phase
•  1 JAN 2011:   NUAC starts providing Operationel Support. Danish and Swedish support units are integrated into one organisation
• 17 NOV 2011: Implement Free Route Airspace in DK-SE FAB
•  1 JUL 2012:   NUAC takes over and operates ATCC Copenhagen, ATCC Malmoe and  ATCC Stockholm and provides ATS in DK-SE FAB.

• 12 NOV 2015:  Implementation of “North European Free Route Airspace” (NEFRA) in the DK-SE FAB, on behalf of LFV and Naviair 

• 31 AUG 2019:  LFV and Naviair liquidates the company and the three ATCCs and ATS services returns to their respective national provider.


NUAC HB was  legally registered as a Swedish company (HB = "Handelsbolag") and  formal headquarter was in Stockholm. 


For any questions regarding the former NUAC company or DK-SE FAB , please visit the official websites/or central inbox  of the Air Navigation Service Providers:

Naviair, Denmark: or mail to: presse(at)
LFV, Sweden: or mail to: lfv(at) or


The NUAC programme and the developing of the Danish/Swedish FAB was co-financed by the European Union's TEN-T programme 2006-2010.