A Joint programme is completed with succes and major benefits

A joint programme office construction, a unique constellation between Naviair and LFV, the Swedish Air Navigation Service from 2015 to 2020 has delivered the benefits and completed its mission.  The programme was from 2016 granted funding from INEA for two key initiatives.

The Joint Programme Office was set up in 2015 to ensure a more harmonized and efficient operation and development of the COOPANS/TopSky ATM systems within the Den¬mark-Sweden Functional Airspace Block. LFV and Naviair and the cross-border NUAC integrated ATS provider did successfully launch the JPO-programme initiative to support the Single European Sky (SES) vision for Europe. 

The joint programme office construction was at that time, a unique constellation never seen before in the world. The overall programme vision and scope for JPO’s strategic initiatives was ‘The vision of One” with TWO KEY INITIATIVES:

• An Operational Harmonisation “One TopSky System” concept for Sweden and Denmark and three control centres with COOPANS ATM systems that enables increased efficiency through common configuration, procedures etc.

• COOPANS Deployment Optimization commissioning of any COOPANS release on all relevant Naviair and LFV sites and control centres, e.g. development of new operational and technical procedures/methods in the Verification and Validation phase

Overall Benefits

The work of the optimising and harmonisation initiatives has resulted in savings of 60.516 operational hours in Naviair and LFV (Feb 2016 - Nov 2020) compared to the hours used in 2014. This corresponds to a net effect of 45 MIO SEK. The target set for the Programme was 31 MIO SEK. LFV and Naviair will obtain a long line of future benefits from the learnings and harmonisation activities in the programme. 

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